Random Names

Male Names
  • Amandeep (Sanskrit) - Sharp witted; light, lamp of peace [English and Hindi speaking countries]
  • Anton (Spanish) - Spanish form of Anthony - beyond praise
  • Atwood (English) - Lives in the forest
  • Beamer (English) - Trumpeter
  • Biswanath (Indian) - Lord Shiva
  • Blake (English) - Dark; bright [English speaking countries]

    Either from the Old English 'blæc' (black, dark) or 'blac' (bright, shining). Originally a surname this is now also used as a given name. Blake's 7 was a British science fiction TV series, shown in the late 1970s. The main character was named Roj Blake.

  • Chase (English) - Huntsman [English speaking countries]

    In English, to "chase" means to hunt or pursue. Until about twenty years ago, Chase was encountered most frequently as a surname; it is now among the top 100 names for boys in the U.S.

  • Chinnamani (Indian) - Precious Pampered Young One
  • Christo (Latin) - Follower of Christ [English speaking countries]

    A nickname for Chris-names used in various regions in the world. It is the name of a landscape artist as well.

  • Constantine (Latin) - Steadfast [English speaking countries]
  • Dayavan (Indian) - Generous; Compassionate; Merciful; Kind; Charitable
  • Eugene
  • Gajasiras (Indian) - One of many names of Lord Ganesh
  • Genpo (Indian) - Original Law; Esoteric Dharma; A Bhuddist name for righteousness
  • Harvey (English) - Battle worthy or carnage worthy [English speaking countries]
  • Himachalkumar (Indian) - The Himalayas; King of Mountains; Abode of Snow
  • Horton (English) - From the gray estate
  • Ishmael (Hebrew) - God will listen [English speaking countries]

    In the Hebrew Bible, Ishmael is the first son of the patriarch Abraham. According to tradition, it was Ishmael who engendered the Arab people. He is also reputed to have built the foundations of the Ka'aba in Mecca.

    Ishmael is the name of

  • Jeevan (Indian) - Life
  • Jish (Indian) - Winner; Victory; Triumph; Success
  • Johathan (Hebrew) - God has given; gift of God [English speaking countries]

    Probably a misspelling of Johnathan, Johathan has somehow found its way onto the US Top 1000 chart 8 different times. Though it could be an intentional mixing of the names Joseph and Jonathan, the exact root of the name is conjecture.

  • Lavana (Indian) - An individual of great beauty, inside and out
  • Leb (Irish) - Heart
  • Lochlan (Gaelic) - Warrior from the Land of the Lochs [English speaking countries]

    Anglicized spelling of the traditional Lachlan.

  • Mika (Spanish) - Gift from God
  • Ross (Gaelic) - Bluff or Cliff [English speaking countries]

    Ross is a region of north Scotland. The Ross Ice Shelf is the largest ice shelf in Antarctica, it was named after Captain James Ross who discovered it in 1841. It was the place where James Scott and his party died, having failed to become the first people

  • Rufina - Red haired
  • Sinead (Scottish) - Kind
  • Somadev (Indian) - Lord of the moon
  • Tarique (Arabic) - Morning star. Variant of Tariq
Female Names
  • Aelan (Hawaiian) - A flower, a beautiful flower
  • Andrianna
  • Camila (Latin) - Altar server [English and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Christa (English) - Variant of Christiana. Follower of Christ.
  • Damien (French) - Untamed
  • Delicia (Spanish) - Charming
  • Delora (English) - Variant of Dolores meaning sorrows.
  • Idurre (Spanish) - Reference to the Virgin Mary
  • Ivette (Spanish) - Variant of Yvette.
  • Jiya (Indian) - N/A [Arabic, English and Hindi speaking countries]

    There is much conjecture to what this name means. Many sources say that is is relevant to "heart" or "piece of" the heart. It is conjecture, though and there seems to be no hard and fast etymological line.

  • Kaedee (English) - Rhyming variant of Katy or Cady.
  • Kaidee (United States) - Kaidee name means Pure, Virgin
  • Kaiya (Sanskrit) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Kaiya is a modern name of uncertain etymology. It may be related to the name Kaja, a pet form of Karolina or Katerina.

  • Kekala (Hawaiian) - Kekala means She is Chosen
  • Kentigem (English) - Chief
  • Kimber (English) - Variable prefix + "forest clearing" [English speaking countries]
  • Kristine (Latin) - Follower of Christ [English speaking countries]
  • Madeleine (Hebrew) - From Magdala [English and French speaking countries]

    French cognate of Magdalene, also in common use in English-speaking countries.

    A madeleine is a famous sort of French butter cookie or cake. Several French communes and geographical features are named Madeleine after Mary Magdalene.

  • Maia (Indian) - Mother; One who has unconditional love like a mother
  • Nya (African) - Purpose [English speaking countries]
  • Paul (Celtic) - Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Paul's letters to early Christians comprise many New Testament books.
  • Pudarikaksha (Indian) - Feminine form of Lord Krishna; One with eyes like Lotus; The lotus-eyed one.
  • Rajatsubhra (Indian) - She who is as pale as silver
  • Ratnajyoti (Indian) - The light that shines from the gem stone
  • Rihanna (French) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Rihanna is a misspelled version of the name Rhianna. It appeared on the top 1000 names chart in the U.S. in 2006, no doubt influenced by the popularity of the musical artist Rihanna.

  • Saahira (Indian) - A wakeful person
  • Sarupa (Indian) - A beautiful woman
  • Selene (Greek) - Moon [English speaking countries]

    Selene was the Greek goddess of the Moon.

  • Shayal (Indian) - A dark skinned woman
  • Viridiana (Italian) - Young; fresh [English speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names
  • Amara (Greek) - Unfading; eternal [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    The feminine Amara may be derived from the Greek amarantos (eternal, unfading).
    Alternatively, it may be from the Latin amarus (bitter, sour).

    As a male name it is Sanskrit in origin, and means 'immortal'. It also refers to the numb

  • Baldeep (Indian) - Means lamp of strength. It means to be creative and idealistic
  • Billo
  • Carol (Germanic) - Free man [English speaking countries]

    Carol was occasionally used as a boys' name in the early twentieth century, but it is almost exclusively feminine today. It may come directly from the Latin "Carolus," or it may simply be a shortened form of Caroline.

    Two examples of it be

  • Catpuccino
  • Chancy (United States) - A risk taker
  • Groovey
  • Hyacinth (Greek)
  • Jaimie (Hebrew) - Supplanter [English speaking countries]
  • Kadal (Indian) - Kadal means Ocean
  • Kenya (English) - The country of Kenya [English speaking countries]

    In a surge of popularity toward using place names as first names, this reached #275 in the United States in 2005.

  • Kiran (Sanskrit) - Ray of light [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    "Ray of light" in Sanskrit, especially 'sunbeam' or 'moonbeam'.
    Usually a male name.

  • Kyo (Japanese) - Kyo means Village or Unite
  • Levyna - Issh
  • Lizbeth - Variation of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful:God of plenty.
  • Lonnie (Germanic) - Noble and ready/prompt; all struggle [English speaking countries]
  • Marty (Latin) - From the god Mars [English speaking countries]

    Short form of Martin, also used for Martha, Martina or various Mar- names.
    It has been used as an independent boys names since the latter part of the 20th century.

  • Micha (Russian) - who can reach God's place
  • Ogima (United States) - God is Merciful, God is hearing and answering, also it means fresh as well.
  • Olexa - Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.
  • Pasamili (Indian) - A happy go lucky; spontaneous and loving being
  • Patrice - Noble
  • Rathi (Indian) - One who enjoys the pleasures of this world
  • Rudd - Ruddy colored
  • Saku (Japanese) - Remembrance of the Divine
  • Shavonne (Gaelic) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]

    Anglicized spelling of Siobahn.

  • Squat
  • Taaj (Indian) - One who is crowned
  • Tory (Latin) - Conqueror; victory [English speaking countries]

    For girls this is usually a nickname for Victoria, but for boys it is derived from the Scandinavian name Thorir.

  • Winnie (Welsh) - Blessed peace; fair reconciliation [English speaking countries]

    Winnie the Pooh is a central character in A.A. Milne's children's stories involving the Hundred Acre Woods which he had written for his son. Winnie was also a main love interest for the main character in the popular American sitcom The Wonder Years.

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