Random Names

Male Names
  • Ascott (English) - Lives at the east cottage
  • Balamurugan (Indian) - One of many names of Lord Muruga as his young form
  • Baldeb (Indian) - Godlike in Power; A name of Lord Balaram (Older Brother of Shri Krishna) who is splendid and powerful
  • Bradly (English) - Broad wood [English speaking countries]

    Variant spelling of the surname Bradley.

  • Charminder (Indian) - Majestic and beautiful
  • Chaz (German) - Free man [English speaking countries]
  • Cormic (Irish) - Charioteer
  • Cunningham (Scottish) - From Cunningham
  • Darius (Persian) - Maintain well; possess and good [English and Persian speaking countries]

    Darius the Great was king of Persia in the fifth and sixth centurys BC. He is famous for being a great financier and fighting against the Greeks at Marathon.

    Darius Danesh is a singer.

  • Deveral (English) - Surnames derived from place name Deverel.
  • Doane (English) - From the down hill
  • Douglass (Scottish) - From the dark river. The Scottish Douglas clan had two historical branches: (Black Douglases and Red Douglases.) The lords of these clans figure in Sir Walter Scott's novels.
  • Errol (Latin) - Uncertain, possibly wandering [English speaking countries]

    Of debated etymology, some believe it is derived from a Scottish place name of uncertain origin. Others think it is derived from the Latin errare (to wander).

  • Fraser (English) - Uncertain, perhaps "from Frisia" [English speaking countries]
  • Gideon (Hebrew) - Hewer; mighty warrior [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Variant transcription of Gidon, from the Hebrew meaning "mighty warrior", "hewer", or "maimed".
    In the Old Testament, the name is borne by an Israelite judge and leader in the defeat of the Midianites.

  • Gudmund (Indian) - They are creative,excellent and expressive.They love to earn a lot.
  • Iancu (Hebrew,Romanian) - Romanian form of John, meaning Yahweh is gracious.
  • Jake (Hebrew) - Supplanter; held by the heel [English speaking countries]

    Originally a nickname for Jacob, Jake has attained considerable success in the UK, where it was rated as the 15th most popular boy's name in 2006. It was ranked 107th in the US.

  • Jamian (Hebrew) - Right hand of favor. A Biblical name.
  • Karlee (French) - Womanly: strength. Feminine of Karl.
  • Krutagna (Indian) - The name means Satisfaction
  • Loni (Germanic) - Noble and ready/prompt; all struggle [English speaking countries]

    Pet form of Alonzo.

  • Nestor (Greek) - Return [English speaking countries]

    Nestor comes from the root 'nes', from which the ancient Greek language also developed 'neomai' ('to go away/back', 'to go to war') and 'nostos' ('a return home', 'a journey'). In Greek mythology Nestor was the son of Neleus and Chloris and King of Pylos.

  • Padamadev (Indian) - One who is Lord of Lotus; Lord Vishnu
  • Sambhu (Indian) - Name of Lord SHiva
  • Saquib (Indian) - Bright
  • Shashikar (Indian) - Moon ray
  • Stoney (English)
  • Tzefanyah (Hebrew) - Treasure by God
  • Zecharia (Hebrew) - The Lord remembers [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Adsila (Native American) - Blossom (Cherokee)
  • Alysia (French) - Noble kind; of the noble sort [English speaking countries]

    A recently coined variant of Alicia. Most often pronunced ah-LISS-ee-ah it is occasionally said ah-LEESH-yah or ah-LEES-ee-ah.

  • April (Latin) - Open [English speaking countries]

    April was not taken up as a name until the 20th century, possibly inspired by the French Avril, seen as a variant of Averil.

    April 1 is April Fool's Day, when people play light-hearted jokes and hoaxes on one another.

  • Ashlyn (Gaelic) - Dream [English speaking countries]

    Anglicisation of the Irish name Aisling.

  • Avani (Sanskrit) - Earth [English and Hindi speaking countries]
  • Becky (Hebrew) - Captivating
  • Betsy (Hebrew) - My God is a vow [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for Elizabeth.

    Hurricane Betsy, which occurred in 1965, was the first American hurricane to cause more than a billion dollars of damage.

    Notable bearers include actress Betsy Blair and Betsy Ross, who supposedly sewe

  • Cassie (Greek) - She who entangles men [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for Cass- names such as Cassandra.

  • Celesta (Spanish) - Heavenly
  • Chakori (Indian) - A bird which loves Moon
  • Chandrabhadra (Indian) - As gentle and beautiful as a Moon
  • Chandrara (Indian) - Stylized representation of Star
  • Dakshinya (Indian) - Goddess Parvati
  • Danna (Hebrew) - Arbiter [English speaking countries]
  • Elbertyna (English) - Noble or glorious
  • Gina [English speaking countries]

    Though it can be used on its own, Gina is also a short form of names like Regina, Georgina, Giovanna, etc.

  • Igrayne - In Arthurian legend Igrayne is mother of Arthur.
  • Kaleena (Russian) - Rowan tree [English speaking countries]

    An American respelling of the name Kalina.

  • Kalindi (Indian) - Kalindi means The Sun, Daughter of the Sun God
  • Kammie (Indian) - Young Attendant; Beautiful; Good looking; Charming; A variant of name Kamala which means flower
  • Keeratdeep (Indian) - Keeratdeep means She who sings praises of Gos
  • Kuranpreet (Indian) - The name means Lord Kirshna
  • Laureen (Latin,United States) - Sweet bay tree; From the bay
  • Linley (Celtic) - From the flax field
  • Madia (Spanish) - Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine.
  • Maggie (English)
  • Shemeka (United States) - American created name
  • Sidwell (French) - From the broad well
  • Tobi (Native American)
  • Winona (English) - Eldest daughter [English speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names
  • Abhaya (Indian) - The one without scare.
  • Amazon (Greek)
  • Angel (Greek) - Messenger [Bulgarian, English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Angel is used mostly as a masculine name among Spanish-speaking communities, and mostly as a feminine name in English-speaking communities. The Spanish name is pronounced "ahn HEL," while the English version is pronounced "AYN jel")


  • Aspen
  • Avery (English) - Elf counsel [English speaking countries]

    Traditionally a masculine name, Avery is used on both boys and girls today. Avery is also fairly common as a last name.

    It is the name of several towns and counties in the U.S.; there is also a crater on the Moon named Avery.

  • Bear
  • Brasen (United States) - The gift of God; God's gift
  • Charmer
  • Dilber (Indian) - A lover; a romantic person
  • Kahoni (Hawaiian) - Kahoni means The Kiss
  • Kara (Gaelic) - Friend [English and Turkish speaking countries]

    As a female name, Kara is derived from Cara - which has roots in Gaelic and Italian. As a male name it is Turkish.

    Kara refers to several geographical places.

    It is a character in the novel 'Benim Adým Kýrmýzý' by the Turki

  • Kim (English) - Regal hill [English and Vietnamese speaking countries]

    In Vietnamese this is a female name referring to the colour gold.

    Can be used as a nickname for Kimberly.

  • Kuma (Japanese) - Kuma means Bear
  • Laurie (Latin) - Laurel [English speaking countries]

    This evolved into its own name from being a nickname for Laurence or Laura.

  • Lizbeth - Variation of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful:God of plenty.
  • Long (Vietnamese) - Dragon [English and Vietnamese speaking countries]

    The name of one of the four sacred creatures in Viet Nam, the dragon. It is in part taken from several place names such as Ha Long Bay.

  • Maardava (Indian) - A gentle, tender feeling
  • Makaio (Hawaiian) - One who was a God's gift
  • Mika (Japanese) - Beautiful smell [English, Finnish and Japanese speaking countries]

    The Japanese girl name Mika is often written with the characters for "beauty" (mi) and "incense; smell; perfume" (ka).
    Other possibilities include the number "three" or "beauty; beautiful" for the first syllable 'mi', and "praise, esteem", "splendo

  • Nirmla (Indian) - Honeyed, sweetened, sugary.
  • Puran (Indian) - To be a complete individual
  • Qiao (Chinese) - Pretty, handsome person
  • Raven (English) - Raven [English speaking countries]
  • Sativola - Name of a saint
  • Shae (Hebrew) - Supplanter [English speaking countries]

    Derived from Seamus.

  • Strang - Powerful
  • Tillman - Virile
  • Tosha (Scottish) - Satisfaction
  • Unique (English) - Only one; unparalleled [English speaking countries]

    This adjective is sometimes used as a given name for either gender.

  • Weasel
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